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Reindeer of Doom's Journal

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Thursday, June 29th, 2006
3:54 pm
The Number 12 Looks Like You is playing in Cleveland on Saturday.

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Sunday, April 9th, 2006
8:17 am
Spring Break seemed to go by pretty quick.

I think after work today [9-2] I'm going to stop by the libriary and pick up this book to read for english, at least that will give me something to do for the rest of the day.

Spring Break was pretty fun, the last 3 or 4 days was the best though. There are a lot of cool people in my life after all I guess. hah!

Stuff has been pretty weird though. I've had a lot of like all new feelings that I've never really had before. I think I'm inventing new emotions in my own head, because I've been feeling ways that I've never felt before, it's kind of weird.

I'm looking forward for the bright sunny days ahead, be they cold or warm. Bright and Sunny days are the days I was born for. :]

current mood: blahp

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
3:13 pm
Thur March 23, 2006
Cleveland, OH
W/ The M's, and What Made Milwaukee Famous
Beachland Tavern
8pm/$8/ALL AGES

That's for Dr. Dog, and FUCK I completely forgot about it until today when someone reminded me...

I really hope I'll still be able to go see it... Dr. Dog is one of my favorite bands right now and I'd love to see them..

Pretty soon [hopefully!] my dad will be home and we have to take both our cars to get an E-Check, and to be totally honest I'm not even sure mine will pass one hundred percent........... yikes.

But I really really want to see Dr. Dog, so I think I probably will. :]

current mood: Definitely A-Okay for Today.

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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
3:22 pm - Life is beautiful, and that's all that matters.
Everything is very full of bullshit. A lot of things that should be really really simple things in life are made so difficult by some people that it's just crazy, I don't know who set stuff up, but it's bullshit.

I don't think people are very efficient when they're thinking, and it's pretty much just a lot of bullshit.

But life is beautiful, and that's really all that matters. If we're only going to be here for so long anyway... why not really enjoy life for everything it's worth and just drop all the bullshit? I don't know.

I think I'll be able to be pretty happy from now on. Stuff isn't bad, we just make it bad.

Bauhaus and NIN... yikes, but now that I've all ready seen Bauhaus I don't really know if I'll end up going. From what I saw I'd have to chose between Toledo or Cincinnati... maybe I'll take Mike to Cincinnati with me, since he's going to school there next year anyway... who knows.


I guess they are playing in Cleveland... maybe I'll see it after all, who knows. who knows.

current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, February 9th, 2006
4:25 pm
Cat Stevens is probably my entire life right now.

I think I've finally reached that point in my life, that one where you have no idea what you want.

You know what I want? NOTHING

I don't want anything. I want to move to another country where it's warm, and live in a hut. That's really the only thing I want. I can hunt my own food. I won't have to worry about money, hell, I won't have to worry about ANYTHING. [except maybe my food going away], buyt if I move somewhere where it's the same climate all year around that's unlikely to happen.

I don't want to be in a relationship, yet Haylee and I got back together yesterday. Why? I don't really know. I dont know whaaaaatttttt the fuckkkkkkk I think I'm doing.

I just want me.

current mood: terrible

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
7:05 am

Oh Great Cthulhu!

I have been an extremely busy devotee this year.

In February, I defiled the grave of that traitor, Lovecraft (90 points). In May, I made a burnt offering to the Dead Dreamer (100 points). Last week, I bombed a cultist gathering (-100 points). When the stars were right, I burnt my copy of the Necronomicon (-75 points). In June, I visited my relatives in Innsmouth (100 points). In April, I fed [info]diningonbullets to a Shoggoth (250 points).

In short, I have been very good (365 points) and deserve to get hooked up with one of those cute Innsmouthers.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Submit your own plea to Cthulhu!

bwah.. hah. hah. *shrug*

current mood: blank

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
3:38 pm
I really just need the next couple weeks to be overrrrr.

I'm so very down down down down doowwwnnnnnn..

Thank you, LiveJournal.

current mood: No mood

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Monday, November 28th, 2005
11:40 pm
I think I'm going to die from stress.

And this year I can't just say "oh fuck it whatever happens happens" like I could in years past.

I just think I'm going to die, I feel like I'm going to die. I feel HOPELESSSSSSSS.

By the way, my LIFE IS NOT BAD RIGHT NOW. I'm just having some trouble with keeping it together at the moment. sigh.

current mood: sigh

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
5:43 pm
I've missed you, and waited for you, and now you finally came back to me.

WELCOME BACK, SNOW! Haven't seen your face around these parts for a while.

I like the snow, and I'm glad winter is coming.

THOUGH I have to admit, fall did not last nearly as long as I would have liked. But I'll still welcome winter with open arms.

I stayed home from school again for a third time today. It was a good idea, I'm starting to feel better and I think I'll be fine with school/work tomorrow. BAUHAUS ON SATURDAY. Yeah, I bought my ticket. :D

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
1:46 pm
Second day not in school. I'm feeling the same I did yesterday. I'm going to school tomorrow regardless.

Started playing chrono cross yesterday and am close to ten hours into it now. I'm enjoying it.

Ashley has her mom's jeep today and she offered to bring me soup, that was nice of her I thought.

Haylee's cell phone sucks.

current mood: siiiigh

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
5:46 pm
I'm sick, and I don't EVER get sick.

I woke up at like 4:30 this morning with a really really bad sore throat and the glands underneat my cheek bone/back of my head all swollen up. Cough, lots of flem and stuff too.

So I didn't go to school today, I went to the doctor instead, I don't like the doctor but I guess my mom found out I was sick and made an appointment like IMMEDIATELY.

They didn't really know what was wrong, they gave me strept throat medicine even though my strept test came back negative.

I had to take 2 400mg pills and one 500mg pill at the same time, that's a lot of medicine at once, I got really really nauseated and hurled up grape juice in the bath tub. I dont ever throw up, either.

This is just fucked up.

current mood: Sigh

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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
1:51 pm
Only about twenty entries or so ago I mentioned that things could not possibly be moving any slower with life.

Well that was about five months ago, and you know what? I don't even know what happened to the past five months. I guess things reversed, now my life is just flying by.

I have zero time for anything. I don't have any life to myself whatsoever.

When I'm not working I'm with Haylee, that's basically how it's been. I haven't actually sat down and eaten a dinner with my family in such a long time.

I'm not sure, I try to update this, but I don't need a journal to keep my own thoughts down in, so the only reason I try and keep it going is because other people tell me to. Unfortunately, there isn't really anything I can think of to write about that other people would want to read.

Anyway, life is flying by and I can't quite grab on to it. Things are going average now I guess.

BUT, I DID REALLY FUCKING WELL ON MY REPORT CARD. I promised my dad I'd to better this year [last year and the year before were the years of apathy and not doing any work, hence getting below average grades], and I am. Woo, for that I guess.

current mood: uncomfortable

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Monday, October 10th, 2005
1:21 pm
So last Friday [the seventh] was my 17th birthday.

My daddy said that he'd buy me Bauhaus tickets for my birthday after telling that they are going to be playing in Cleveland now. Yeeeeeaaahhhh, I'm really excited, basically. I should buy tickets like today or something. Yes, fo'sho. I'm sure Haylee will come with me, along with some other people if they wish.

Wooooo so yeah... supposed to be doing something in Cisco right now, but instead I'm just surfing around websites not really doing anything..

I get to go to Haylee's house tonight. :D I'm excited. bum bum bummmmmmmmm....

Devin the Dude is playing on Heinz's computer next to me, I thank him for respectin' n representin' in the Cisco room.

" I did that so you could put a current music thing " yeah Heinz, Okay.

Class is going to be over soon, then I get to go to math, and then home, and then Haylee's. :D


current mood: NOOOOO!

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Friday, September 30th, 2005
2:42 pm
First day of work today. Wish me luck.

I work from 5-10 today and 9-6 tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to go see Haylee after work tomorrow, if her parents aren't too angry with her about school stuff.

current mood: anxious

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
4:31 pm
So I turned in this application to work at Acme [a grocery store, why? I dont know to be honest, but it seemed easy and a friend works there and said it's easy as hellllll. so yeah] a few days ago. To be honest I had my friend Jackie turn in the application, but it was easy for her since she works tehre. ANYWAY.

I was taking a nap a little earlier and I guess they called, my little brother took the message and I called them when I woke back up. I have an interview Wednesday at 7. So I guess that's kind of cool.

current mood: blank

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
12:41 pm
Sitting in Cisco waiting for the teacher...

Nothing to do, everyone is sitting quietly. Nothing much has been happening too much lately, got to hang out with a bunch of people last night [some of whom I haven't seen in a while] so that was fun.

Diet Coke isn't as good as Coke. And I still can't win, ONE OUT OF EVERY TWELEVE, my ass.

I get to see Haylee tonight.. I'm very excited :]

I have errands that I need to run within the next few days. One of those is turning in a job application at Acme, so good luck with that Kyle. Hah. Hah. Hah. Hah.

current mood: bored

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Friday, September 9th, 2005
5:49 pm
Fuck Friday Nights
and Fuck Football Games
and Fuck the Marching Band that has to be at the Football Game
and Fuck being in this lonely house all alone when you're whole family is at the football game
and Fuck having no gas in your car
and Fuck having no money, for that matter.

Yeah, Fuck Friday Nights.

Time to find something to do.

current mood: lonely

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
12:50 pm
I'm about to take my first online test for Cisco Networking.

Wish me luck. :]

After school today I get to go to Haylee's house, and I'm excited. VERY excited. Love you, Haylee :D

current mood: happy

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
9:00 am
I'm rich!

I worked in this kitchen thing last night from like 7 pm until about 12:30 in the morning. I made fifty dollars doing dishes and stuff like that.

Fifty dollars is a lot of money for me. :]

current mood: irritated

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
4:35 pm
The majority of you probably did not even know that I had braces. But, I do. I've had them ever since I've had a livejournal. But, they won't be there any more after October 31st. I get my braces off on Halloween.. heh.

Today was the first day of school. Kind of lame. I'm taking some fun classes but I'm taking equally lame classes to counter them. Not in many classes with friends/people I'd like to talk to either, which isn't too great, but ohh well.

current mood: blah

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